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Property investment is a key path to wealth creation but it is most important that decisions in relation to property are based on the best available information.

Issues such as the location of land in relation to infrastructure services and community facilities are vitally important in assessing the potential for growth in the value of a real estate asset.

Issues such as the availability of public transport, access to the local and regional road network, open space, schools, retail and community facilities are key indicators of the potential of any site. Of key importance are the options that are provided for development under the relevant Planning Scheme or Environmental Plan. Local Planning policies, ordinance restrictions, vegetation protection policies, zoning controls, covenants and the form of adjacent development will be key determinants of the potential of any real estate investment.

We aim to provide the best possible planning and property information to assist investors, home owners, consultants, property professionals and developers in the quest to add value to key property assets.

Geography, topography and landscape settings create opportunities for outstanding design.

The size, shape and environmental setting of land should be carefully considered in planning future development.

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