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Town Planning Online has partnered with Nearmap, the world’s leading aerial imagery provider, to give you instant access to high resolution aerial imagery throughout Australia. Nearmap covers 88% of Australia’s population, including over 100 urban and regional areas including over 450,000 square km’s, updated 6 times per year

"The benefit of Nearmap is that, when we’re creating detailed planning-permit applications, we can get critical information about the site by going back there, virtually, as many times as we need to." - Property Professional

Whether you are a property professional, currently own land or are looking to purchase, an aerial image we can save you time and money by allowing you to research the subject property and its surrounds from your computer or device.

Comparison - Same Property

Google Image

Nearmap Image

Not only is the quality of the image far superior, the frequent updates mean that you are looking at what is currently there. The property above is currently being renovated and a second story has been added since the Google image was taken.

How to Search on this site?

Simply type in the address of the subject property into our search engine, the site will give you a plethora of free information on the property including the size of the block, zoning and other planning related information. It will also offer for you to purchase a title and aerial image of the subject property.

Why high resolution?

For property professionals access to timely, high-resolution aerial photography helps to maintain a competitive advantage. In comparison Google Earth’s satellite imagery provides only a fraction of the required detail, and aerial surveys supplied by local councils are often two or three years old.

Town Planning Online can provide constantly updated images with a consistent level of detail that enables confident measurements and decisions, with a ground sampling distance of 5.8-7.5 cm per pixel. This means you can resize and change resolution of the image to a significant extent before it loses focus.

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